The Hub therapy service is experiencing high levels of demand at the moment and the current wait time for appointments is now 6-8 weeks. It is important that you do fill out the form - we will aim to contact you within 5 working days, for an initial conversation about your needs. Please check you junk / spam email for communications about the Hub. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, please email or telephone 0800 183 1488 if you need help filling in the form.


The following referral form will ask for information about what difficulties you are currently facing to help ensure you get the right care as soon as possible. All mandatory questions are marked as such and questions can be skipped if you would prefer not to answer.

All personal information provided to us will remain confidential and stored on NHS approved secure data servers in accordance with strict NHS policies for managing personal information. Any non-identifiable information is collected and used, for data monitoring purposes only. However, should anything be disclosed which poses a safeguarding concern, we have a duty of care to notify relevant organisations to keep the client and others safe. We will always seek to involve you in this process and keep people informed of actions taken.

The content of these webpages may not be accessible to all users, if you need the content in a different format that is more accessible to you or have any questions please contact us via email or via telephone on 0800 183 1488.

Please note that during completion of the referral form, you will be asked to consent to contact preferences, if at least one method is not consented to, we will be unable to proceed with your referral.

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No information will be passed on to your GP unless we thought that there were any safeguarding concerns that we were concerned about.


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We require further detail about any support received within the last 12 months, including approximate dates that you received this support.

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